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Vacuum Cleaners in the 1960s

Early vacuum cleaners were used well before the 1900th century. Before that time, however, there was no way to have a personal vacuum cleaner at home for every day use, much like today. Some of the first vacuum cleaners that were created did not have any suction at all. They worked on rotating brushes that swept the dirt and particles into an awaiting bin. This device was called a sweeper as it swept dirt up just like a regular broom.

When the power of suction was put to use with a sweeper, a vacuum cleaner was created. Some of the first models were gas powered. One person would own a gas powered vacuum cleaner and would travel door to door. For hire, this person would charge a small amount to come to your home and clean your floors for you.

As times changed, so did the vacuum cleaner. Over time, the electric vacuum cleaners won over. It was actually the Hoover Company that created a vacuum that people could actually make use of in their own home. Models before this one would be too heavy to move around the house. The Hoover Company’s vacuum cleaners offered the ability to vacuum the entire house without the heavy lifting required by older vacuums. Housewives could reasonably maneuver the vacuum and actually clean most rooms with it.

As models improved, other features were added to the vacuum cleaner. Special nozzles for easy reaching on high surfaces were made for the vacuums. Soon vacuum cleaners were not only used to clean carpets, but also used on drapes and furniture. Lights were soon added to the vacuum cleaners as well. Headlights and attachments are still used today on modern vacuum cleaners.

It was in 1969 that the first self-propelled vacuum cleaners were brought out for the public. For the first time, people who owned vacuum cleaners no longer had to push and pull, in order to get the vacuum across the floor. Now with a slight nudge, the vacuum helps to move itself along. This same invention is used today on modern vacuums.

Through the 1960’s, the vacuum cleaners themselves became smaller and easier to use. The problem came from trying to get as much power as a larger vacuum cleaner in a smaller sized, easier to use vacuum. As technology progressed, it became much easier to build smaller sized vacuum cleaner units that were easier to use, more efficient, and easier to store.

The price of vacuum cleaners in the 1960’s ranged from $40 to $75. Old advertisements for the vacuum cleaners changed to actual color photographs and made use of displaying the vacuum cleaner itself in some ads. The models were constantly upgraded and changed as new improvements were added.

Today, vintage 1960’s vacuum cleaners can be seen in museums, which include museums dedicated to the history of vacuum cleaners. Vintage vacuum cleaners can also be purchased through online auctions or websites. Some can be found in antique stores or even in flea markets.