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Vacuum Cleaners in the 1950s

The history of the vacuum cleaner over the years exceeds further beyond the 1950’s. The vacuum cleaner actually goes back to the mid-1800s where sweepers were used with rotating brushes and without any suction. It wasn’t until 1905 that an electric model was invented that used vacuum power.

Before vacuum cleaners were invented for personal ownership, giant gas powered vacuum cleaners were invented. One person would own the vacuum and for $4.00 a visit, this person would come to your house and clean your carpets for you.

Then in the 1908, it was the Hoover Company that invented an easier to move vacuum cleaner for private home use. It used a filtered bag system much like some of the models used today.

With time, the development of the vacuum cleaner made it possible for individuals to have their own in house vacuum. In the 1930’s, the models of vacuums were redeveloped to have plastic parts. At this time the first ‘headlights’ were also included with more expensive models but soon headlights became very popular.

It was in the 1950’s that the convertible upright vacuums were introduced. This made it possible to move the vacuum around with one hand instead of carrying a small nozzle in front and a heavy vacuum behind you.

According to old advertisements by Hoover and other vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies, vacuum cleaners ranged from $35 to $65 in price depending on the model. Each model proclaimed to be newer. In most cases it had new nozzles, lights, gadgets, buttons and even made particular sounds as buttons were pushed. As models improved, vacuums were no longer limited to cleaning carpets. You could vacuum your furniture, the drapes, curtains and much more. If you added an extension cord, you could vacuum out the interior of your car. Most of the advertising included women of the day using the vacuum cleaners in various ways and commenting on how powerfully the vacuum sucked up the dirt and made everything clean. Apparently not much has change from advertising in the 1950’s to today.

Today, we still use the same bag vacuums used in the 1950’s but there have been additional models created since then. The bagless canister vacuum was soon invented as well making cleaning up easier than ever. The history of the vacuum cleaner is pretty fascinating. In fact, there are displays, not to mention entire museums based on the history of the vacuum cleaner, including many models of working vacuum cleaners from the 1950’s. You can also find a number of vintage models of vacuum cleaners for sale today online or through antique stores. You may be able to find some rare models and parts through garage sales or flea markets as well.

While the style and the models of vacuum cleaners have improved since the 1950’s, most of the same basic principles that were discovered over the years have stayed with the vacuum. The headlights in front of the vacuum, for example, still are used in some models today. Presently, the use of bags in vacuum cleaners is also used. Nozzles and attachments now come in all shapes and sizes. The vacuum continues to improve as each year passes.