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Is your vacuum cleaner picking up all the dirt and allergens from your home? Clean multi-surfaces with our Panasonic Power Nozzle vacuum - with recessed attachment storage and many other great features.

How to Vacuum Heat Ducts

There is no mystery to the fact that the air that humans breathe is directly related to the quality of their health. For this reason there are movements all over to reduce the amount of pollutants in peoples’ lungs by passing legislation for clean indoor air when it comes to cigarette smoking, instituting smog checks on vehicles in areas with highly polluted air, and working on reducing emissions in other areas. What many people don’t consider is that heat ducts can also pose a pollution risk to anybody who fails to have them cleaned.  There is enough pollution outside of your home to worry about. Who wants to worry about dealing with polluted air indoors, as well?

There are two ways to go about getting cleaner heat ducts. The first and most common way to go about it is to hire somebody to clean the ducts for you. For those who rent homes or apartments, maintenance is often able to take care of this for a small fee or free of charge. Being that vacuuming heat ducts is a highly technical project it is recommended that a licensed professional be called in to do the job. They will clean and vacuum the heat ducts in your home and ensure that they are free of dirt, debris, and the nasty allergens and pollutants that make the air in your home less than safe to breathe.

Finding the Right Heat Duct Cleaning Professional

Finding a professional that specializes in the cleaning of heat ducts and air ducts in homes is not difficult for anybody with a phone book. It is important to ensure that the professional that you choose is qualified to clean all components of the system for maximum results. If one component is cleaned and another is not, the risk of the system becoming re-contaminated is high as they all work together to produce heat and conduct the flow of air in your home.

Carefully Consider the Use of Chemicals

The vacuuming of heat ducts is usually the last step in the cleaning process. The cleaning professional will first apply chemicals to the components inside the duct that are designed to kill biological contaminants, like bacteria and other micro organisms. In older homes a chemical may be applied to the inside of the ducts that prevents the fast regrowth of such organisms as some heating systems are more conducive to their healthy growth than others.  Homes with pets, children, or other risks may want to carefully consider the use of such chemicals in home heat ducts as they have not been officially approved by any government agency.

After the cleaning has taken place, all of the dust and debris that has built up in the heat ducts will be vacuumed out. Because this is done using a vacuum machine many people think that it is something they can do on their own. Due to the fact that heating systems are made up of very complicated parts that are often expensive to replace, the self cleaning of heating ducts is never recommended.

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