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Tristar Vacuum Cleaners

TriStar Enterprises LLC started in 1937 as Interstate Engineering Corporation.  At that time, the company was focused on aviation, as a major aircraft manufacturer for the United States government.  The company was later renamed TriStar Enterprises, and became a leader in home vacuum cleaning systems specifically designed to rid homes of allergens and particulate matter.  The company's goal was to create high-quality home cleaning systems to reduce indoor air pollutants that can exacerbate or trigger symptoms in asthma and allergy sufferers.  TriStar vacuum cleaners have grown to become a household name in quality, high-filtration vacuums.

Multi-Level Filtration System

TriStar vacuum cleaners – including all models in the Mg series and the PureStar home air filtration system – utilize a multi-level filtration system for maximum air cleaning efficiency.  This system works by using an optional paper filter bag for collecting large dirt and debris as air passes through the system.  Next, the cloth filter captures smaller particles that aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.  The next level of filtration is a foam filter with an electrostatic charge that keeps dust particles from flowing through the motor.  This feature lengthens the life of the vacuum system.  Tiny, microscopic-sized particles are then filtered through a sub-micron exhaust filter.  An optional HEPA filter can be added to trap even more particulate matter.  HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

TriStar Mg Series

The Mg Series of TriStar vacuum cleaners is known for its convenience and durability.  This series was designed for ease of use and effective home cleaning.  It features cyclonic technology that separates dirt and air in the collection chamber, improving airflow and increasing the useful life of the dust bag and machine motor.  Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, the TriStar Mg series will not lose power due to blocked air flow.  In a typical vacuum cleaner, suction is created by pulling air through the debris already in the bag, causing a loss of efficiency in air flow, suction – and cleaning power – in the machine.  The cyclonic action of the TriStar Mg series prevents this from occurring.

PureStar Air Filtration Home Vacuum System

The PureStar Air Purifier is a whole-home vacuum system that effectively filters allergens and other small particles from indoor air.  The multi-level filtration system, including HEPA filtration, provides incredible air cleaning action to remove the health-damaging particulate matter that negatively impacts the health of one in four people.  The PureStar system also effectively removes odors from the home.

ProStar Floor Cleaning System

In addition to the Mg and PureStar series of TriStar vacuum cleaners, TriStar also offers its ProStar floor cleaning system.  Particulate matter in the air that settles on floors can be ground into hard floors and carpeting, causing significant damage and reducing the life of the floor.  A smooth surface is far easier to keep clean, and regular cleaning can help prevent damage to floors and carpets.  The ProStar is a versatile floor cleaning machine with triple-brush action that allows it to clean and lift the nap of carpets, as well as wax and polish hard floors.

TriStar Vacuum Cleaners – Indoor Air Quality Management

TriStar vacuum cleaners, along with the PureStar air filtration system and ProStar floor cleaning system, provide a top-of-the-line indoor air quality management system.  These machines offer superior quality air filtration that is especially important for severe asthma and allergy sufferers.  TriStar vacuum cleaners continue to be a leader in professional quality, high-filtration vacuum cleaners.

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